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With the invention of the telescope in the 17th century, it wasn’t long before inventors were securing two telescopes together to create binoculars. These early binoculars were used for all sorts of things like exploration and scientific studies.

Today, the technology has moved far beyond just strapping a couple telescopes together, and so have the uses. In no particular order, here are some of the most common uses of binoculars today.

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Viewing the wildlife and nature scenes is part of the great joy of camping. Being out in the wilderness is all about enjoying the nature around you. With binoculars, you are able to see take in some beautiful panoramas or catch that unsuspecting dear. And some wildlife is too dangerous to see up close. If you want to safely see ferocious animals like bears, you had best do it through a pair of binoculars!

Binoculars can also be useful in navigating through the woods. The ability to spot landmarks or keep focal points in range from a far distance might make the difference in not getting lost.


Most travelers find a quality pair of binoculars an essential part of any vacation. And not just vacations involving nature, but simply historic sightseeing as well. If you are visiting some of the great landmarks all across the country, a pair of binoculars can enhance your ability to take in the larger sights.

Cityscapes are another great place to have some binoculars when traveling. From an elevated position, the ability to survey an entire city can be quite breathtaking. But if you are relying on the eye alone, you are likely to miss some of the more detailed parts of the city.


Any birdwatcher worth their salt has a decent pair of binoculars. You need good binoculars when birding for several reasons.

First, birds spook easily. So, you need binoculars in order to be able to see them from afar.

Second, birds move quickly and often. So you have to be able to track them as they fly from tree to tree.

Third, birds can be hard to spot in the first place. A high-resolution pair of binoculars can make the difference between seeing that rare bird and just seeing trees.

Finally, only through a good pair of binoculars can you see the true beauty of birds up close. Many birds have truly amazing colors, shapes, and sizes, but you could miss these if you are relying only on the naked eye.

Sky Gazing

This use of the binoculars takes them back to their first use as singular telescopes (or monoculars). Looking up at the night sky has always led humanity in its quest for knowledge and understanding.

Binoculars, to this day, still provide an excellent way to view the night sky with enhanced precision. While you cannot see as much as you can with a high-powered telescope, you might be surprised just how much you can really take in of the moon and the Milky Way.


Hunters know that to spot or track an animal well, binoculars are necessary. Animals have many natural advantages over the hunter that allow them to hide and blend with the environment. With binoculars, hunters are able to overcome this by spotting their game from a distance without alerting the animals to their presence. And once the hunter has zeroed in on the target, binoculars are often needed to track the animal until and after they can make a clear shot. Without excellent binoculars, many hunters would go home empty handed.

Sporting Events

How often have you sat up in the “nosebleed” section at a giant stadium? The further away you get, the more you wonder why you didn’t just stay home since you end up watching most of the game on the jumboTron anyway. But with a simple pair of binoculars, you can feel like you are sitting right on top of all the action. You don’t have to feel like you are miles away.

Similarly, even if you aren’t way up in the clouds, spectators use their binoculars to get real up close and personal with the players. Sitting closer and using binoculars allows you to see a game with your very own zoom feature.

Concerts, Theater, and Opera

Binoculars have been a common feature in the theater and opera world for a long time. A small pair of binoculars on a stick is almost a cliché of high-society events. But theater and opera goers carried them for a reason. Like with sporting events, sometimes you are just too far away to appreciate what is happening on stage.

The same goes for the music concerts. In large venues, performers are often too far away to even see or enjoy. Like with sporting events, you end up watching a giant television. But with a simple pair of binoculars, you can be right on stage with your favorite performers.


When it comes to military strategy, in the field intelligence often relies on binoculars to spot enemy combatants. Military personnel from all branches must utilize binoculars in order to plan and coordinate troop movements. In addition, night vision binoculars are commonly used to give the troops an advantage in low-light and dark conditions. This allows them a tremendous advantage over those who lack such equipment.


Marine goers, whether it’s the coast guard, the navy, fishermen, or just sailors and boaters of various kinds consistently make use of binoculars. Open waters, especially the ocean, pose challenges because of the wide open space. It can be difficult to see very far at all, and it all tends to blur together after a while.

Water goers tend to use much larger binoculars because of the unstable conditions. The larger binoculars make it much easy to see when you are swaying around on the water.

With these binoculars, those on the water are able to clearly distinguish images that appear all the same with the naked eye. This is handy for spotting stranded swimmers, identifying boats, or watching for whale and other aquatic life.


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