About Us

Can you remember the first time you used binoculars?

I sure can.  It was a pair my parents had and they would not let me use them enough (At least that is what it seemed like).  They were huge, but they sure showed an awesome picture and made it seem like I was an arms length away.  This was 30 years ago.  A few years ago I even bought a pair of binoculars that were the size of a small laptop and weighted about 3 pounds (they reminded me of the ones my parents had).  When I think about these times it is easy to say things sure have changed.

Today’s technology has made binoculars smaller, lighter and much more powerful. Even night vision is possible.  Many people learned that night vision was possible during the desert storm war.  You know the war in Afghanistan.  I was one of those many people.  I watched CNN and was glad to know that technology could really be used for applications so vital like the war.

Today I have found the applications for binoculars endless.  So much so that I decided a website is the best way to get the word out.  Do you know all the uses for binoculars?  I am talking about at sports venues, hunting, bird watching, security and so much more.  Now that I think about it how in the world did we make it without these things.  I cannot imagine, but my interest is fueled by the endless options binoculars have provided.

My history with binoculars is the driving force for this site.  I want everyone to know as much as I do so no one will miss the action.  I hope you are ready to experience it all like I have been through my specs.  I think you can see my passion for binoculars is one I enjoy.

Nature sure looks wonderful through my specs.  I love the experience, because it is never the same. God sure is awesome and I am amazed like a child each time I look at what God created. If you are not ready to see everything through some binoculars then you sure do not know what you are missing.  Guess I will go have some fun.  Feel free to join me.

Thank you for visiting my site.



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